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Kris & Andrea

Kris, Sixteen
Never Mean,
Thin and Tall,
Loved Basketball,
Had A Great Girlfriend,
She Had the Best Boyfriend,
Were like birds of a feather,
Always together,
Andrea’s, Her Name,
She’s not the Same,
He’s In Heaven,
She’s on Earth.

Written by: Ana Espino


Boy I love you,
Oh God, ask Him, He knows I do.
If you just hold me, just for a few,
You'll always be the one I run to.
One day you will see,
If you love me like this,
it will continue to be.
Always and forever,
just you and me.
It sounds so perfect,
James Kristopher and Andrea Leigh!
Sometimes we question if this is right,
Because we're scared so bad, we tend to fight.
But no matter what our love
just gets strong and tight,
And in the end we know it will be alright.
This special thing is the best,
Even if sometimes
we have to clear our chest.
It's so much greater,
when compared to the rest.
Even if sometimes I worry
you like a pest!
Me and you we have so much fun,
If I could weigh what you mean to me,
it would overpower a ton.
That's why even if I wanted to,
I couldn't run.
And you're what I want him to like,
if one day I had a son.
When we're together we "shine."
That's why you will forever be mine.
Can't you see Kris, it's a sign,
Just keep it up and it will all be fine.
Always remember this,
I love you, You're my Baby Kris.

Love you always,

Written: October 11, 2002


I'm scared of something going wrong,
Petrified of not being able to stay strong.
Terrified of you letting go
and I'll be holding on
The fact is you could always change your mind,
You could forget why you love me over time.
You may think to yourself,
"There's no reason to stay."
You may see me crying,
but you leave anyway.
You could walk out and never look back,
With me standing there
trying to figure out what we lack.
You could wake up one morning
with me by your side,
Wanting to run
but having turmoil inside your mind.
Call me crazy, it's true I could be!
I just don't wanna lose
what we have between you and me.
We've had long discussions about all of this,
But you also know
I can not promise eternal bliss.
I know my problems, at time like fire,
they can burn,
I know you love me,
that's not even my concern.
You tell me you are not my past boyfriends,
I realized that long ago, and...
I'm not saying that you will treat me bad,
But you might grow out of loving me
like some 'out of style fad.'
I can't help but be afraid,
My love for you grows so much stronger everyday.
I'm sorry to be so pathetic and insecure,
I just want to be completely sure.
No matter what may happen,
I'll always stick by you,
Love and life may be very hard and cruel.
I'm not leaving you or going anywhere,
I'll always be with you and always care.
Baby, you mean everything to me,
It's simple: Yours is what I'll forever be.
I may be frightened and afraid
of losing your love,
But when I look into your eyes
I'm not so scared anymore!
Deep down I know it's all going to be okay!!

Kris, I love you Baby! I don't want that ever to change!
It's you and me, always and forever! I LOVE YOU!

Love Always,

The previous two poems were written by Andrea.
She was Kris' girlfriend. If you would like to
view her site, you can click here.

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