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In Loving Memory of Kris Jernigan
May 20, 1986 - November 17, 2002

One year ago you did depart
From my sight, not my heart
You left to go to Heaven above
You left us all, but not our love
Days have passed since that fateful night
It's been a battle we've been forced to fight
Grief, heartache and utter despair
Have been unkind but helped by prayer
We do not know why you were called to go
The reason, one day, God will show
You were only a child, just sixteen
You still had too many unfulfilled dreams
All of our dreams ended that night
Of what you would become in our sight
But you were a gift, never truly ours
Just as to the earth, beautiful flowers
Here today but gone tomorrow
I wonder if the earth even feels sorrow
When a flower fades from days in the sun
When the laughter ends, is there no more fun?
You were our flower plucked from our hand
Not cast out, but planted in a different land
I know you're in Heaven for your heart you did give
To Jesus the Saviour so you could forever live
Though from this earth you did die
And yes, you did make us cry
But your life's not over, you're not really dead
You just went on a little further ahead.

We will always love you KRIS
Written by Kris' mom, Cathy

Thank You Beth

Thank You Roxy

Thank You Elaine

Thank You Saralyn

Thank You Susie

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