Happy 18th Birthday Kris
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Today is a special day I hold dear in my heart.

Today is my son's Birthday, and he celebrates in Jesus's arms.

We think of him often and memories flood our minds.

Wishing he was here with us, so he can brighten the evening sky.

His smile is like diamionds glittering in the snow, showing us he

is near, to send us that heavenly glow.

He was always a special person even from birth,

As I remember him he was the greatest son on earth.

I send my love to you as I throw kisses to the sky

Happy Birthday Kris I love you always

and your the twinkle in my eyes.

By Jeanine Blevins



Thank Diane & for the top image also

Thank you Beth

Thank you Jeanine

Thank you Susie

Thank you Joyce

Thank you Saralyn

Thank you Muzz

Page done for Kris' mom Cathy, by Hayes' mom, Beth

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