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My sweet little child, only one fair
With pretty blue eyes and soft blonde hair.
Gone on to live in Heaven, did not wait for me,
I'm living for the moment when your face I shall see.
You were a sweet little baby, you brought so much joy,
As time went on you were a good little boy.
But one day I looked and saw a young man,
Then all too soon you were out of our hands.
Gone on to be with Jesus in a land of pure gold,
He was waiting for you with His arms to enfold.
I miss you my son and have shed many tears,
I don't know when I'll see you, I pray its not years.
For I want to hold you in my arms and kiss your precious cheek,
Then my tears will stop and I'll never more be bleak.
So watch for me my child, and when you see me near
Reach out your hand and whisper, "Come on, I'm here."
Written by His "Mommy", Cathy Espino

Kris decided to be an organ donor when he got his driver's license.
Though it was an emotional choice for us to make, we decided to honor
his wishes and donate his corneas, heart valves and tissue from his
legs. It has been a decision we've never regretted. We almost
immediately received notification from the North Carolina Eye Bank that
two people had received their sight as a result of his gift. Shortly
after that we learned from Carolina Organ Donors that a burn victim
benefited from his tissue donation. It has caused us to be even more
proud of our loving, caring and giving son. Click here and scroll down
(alphabetically) to view his picture and bio on the North Carolina Eye
Bank page.

The family of Kris Jernigan humbly thanks Beth Hall for her hard, dedicated
work in making Cathy's dream of a beautiful memorial site in honor of her son.
Click here to visit her son Hayes' memorial.

Click the banners below to vote for Kris' site and meet other angels

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